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Teres Kids Testimonial

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We wanted to share the following photo and testimonial we received from a family coping with tactile sensitivity.  By making great clothes, Teres Kids is changing lives.


My daughter was the winner of the Teres Kids clothes giveaway in Austin.  My daughter turned 5 in October and has rather severe tactile issues.

Since Wednesday the lovely bag of Teres Kids clothing had sat untouched but for the brief moment I held up a few pieces to show my daughter. I told her the bag had clothes made just for kids like her.
As with most children who have SPD she is gun-shy and weary of trying and was defeated before even feeling one item. Usually clothes mean tears and frustration. Hours of searching. Buying- returning…By usually I mean always.

I let the bag sit there and would speak with my husband about it within earshot of my daughter and yesterday morning I saw her peaking in.

First it was the skirt. Pink helped of course- so she decided to try it on. I watched from across the room. There are triggers- waistbands, seams… all the components you would expect. I think the way I would describe her initial reaction was shock. She began squirming and looking for problems. She yelled “Mommy! It doesn’t hurt!” You see my daughter says clothes hurt her. She shrieks in pain.

Next a pair of leggings. Same reaction. Mischa has never worn leggings or tights.

She stopped and put her nightie back on and asked me some questions – why don’t they hurt? Where are the tags? Who made them? Where’d they come from? Where do you get them? And so on…

A couple hours passed and she went back to the bag. We tried on clothes and laughed and twirled and modeled and screamed for an hour! I had to show her the web site to prove we can get more!

In this picture she is wearing a shirt and pants. She never…ever wears these types of clothes. Ever. Ever…. She asked if she can wear them all day. She’s asked if she can get more. She has now worn them two days straight.

I don’t know what to say… I don’t know how to thank you. Our life revolves around trying to find clothesshe will wear- that don’t hurt. We try thousands of items… It feels at times like she is tortured and she has said “I wore that so you would smile but it hurts”. My daughter is a kind and vibrant child. She is magic to me. And she suffers so.

I want to thank you for the beautiful clothes and for a little sliver of hope that my little girl will feel happier. My daughter just wants to look like the other girls and dress pretty. Often times we have to modify pajama pants in the winter and buy larger sizes which result in a rather frumpy approach to a wardrobe. Until we received this bag of clothes she was really wearing one pair of modified fleece pajama pants and one loose top. I wash it constantly. She has two glorious cotton nighties. A handful of very loose A-line sundresses. But winter in particular is excruciating for her.

As for me – I can’t stop crying. If this is any sign of what is to come I can’t help thinking things will get better. I’ve been so stressed thinking about what my little girl will wear to kindergarten and today an image of her on the first day of school flashed in my mind in that sweet little pink hooded dress. And I got to have this moment with my little girl like “normal” moms do- having fun dressing up. That was the first time I have ever gotten to do that. I don’t know if I can adequately describe how amazing it was.

There is hope.

With so much gratitude,
New TK Customer

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I just purchased an indigo blue dress at Tussey Kids in Estes Park, CO formy six year-old daughter who has Sensory Integration Disorder and tactile defensiveness. I'm so grateful to Teres Kids. This is the first dress she joyfully

— wears. Estes Park, CO

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