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Make Sure Toys “R” Us Uses Responsibly-Sourced Cotton

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The following petition is going around hoping to ensure that Toys R Us uses Responsibly Sourced Cotton. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/294/648/588/?z00m=20181352

Whether these allegations against Toys R Us turn out to be true or not, exploitative child labor is a serious, widespread problem. At Teres Kids, responsible sourcing is a core ethical business practice that also enables us to sustainably produce higher quality products. Teres Kids remains committed to creating children’s clothing that meets the highest standards for comfort, quality and durability.


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In our family a few healthy garments are preferred over a closet full of mass produced clothing. Thank you Teres Kids for giving us a simple healthy way to dress and to live.

— Santa Fe, NM

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