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Bryant Park Tees, Now for Kids

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We are so excited – Teres Kids has collaborated with Bryant Park Shop to create the first Bryant Park Kids tee……..here’s what Bryant Park is saying about it!

These two kiddos are thrilled because Bryant Park finally has t-shirts in their size! Just in time for the Holiday Season, we’ve launched a brand new addition to the Bryant Park Shop – an adorable kid’s tee, featuring Granny’s Folly, the lead horse from Le Carrousel.

Our new little t-shirts were designed in partnership with organic clothing experts, Teres Kids. The shirts are made in the USA from 100% organic cotton, with no seams, tags or rough edges. These tees are perfect for little ones with tactile sensitivities, or kids who hate those scratchy tags. And in both indigo and peony pink, there’s a color for everyone. The Bryant Park Kid’s Tee comes in sizes 2T through 8, and is available with free shipping on the The Bryant Park Shop.


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Like all great ideas when you experience them they seem obvious. Our daughter hated her clothes which lead to a sense of insecurity and vulnerability. After her first time in Teres Kids her face lit up. "No scratchy labels or seams." Over time her confidence and security have grown. Unique comfort and style are only the beginning. You never know what makes your kids happy. I am so glad we found Teres Kids.

— Denver, CO

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