How You Got Here – About Us


We are thrilled that every kid who wears Teres Kids clothing knows they’re wearing the most comfortable clothes in the world!

Before I created Teres Kids, I struggled to find comfortable clothing for my daughter. I began speaking with other parents and realized I was not alone!I discovered that millions of families struggle to get their kids dressed in the morning. I was hooked. I had to create a solution for families looking for comfortable clothing for their kids.

At first, I was concerned that if larger brands couldn’t make comfortable solutions for kids how could I.

But then I realized that other clothing brands simply don’t really care about comfort. Instead they are focused on profit margins and ‘disposable’ clothes – wear it a few times and buy a new one. This realization motivated me to move forward.

I decided to create the world’s most comfortable children’s clothing for all kids, including the millions who struggle with various forms of tactile sensitivity.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined, but the outcome was even better than I had hoped.

High quality fabrics made with organic cotton are expensive. Specialized manufacturing processes – cutting, sewing and finishing – by highly skilled workers in the US are expensive. So is discharge printing.

Teres Kids clothes are not the most expensive clothes on the market, but they aren’t the least expensive either. I thought this would limit the kids and families we would be able to reach with our incredibly comfortable clothes

Surprise! Once people started buying and wearing our clothes, they started telling me that the higher price was totally worth it. Many kids prefer Teres Kids to any other clothing. They wear them all the time.

What’s more, our high quality fabrics and expert craftsmanship result in clothes that last, and look great, much longer than bargain brands. Teres Kids’ unbeatable combination of comfort and durability means families don’t have to buy as many pieces over time. This results in superior consumer value and it reduces our overall resource impact. Everybody, and the planet, wins!